Communication Web-to-Host

This emulation software runs on the user workstation for connection to mainframes in Web-to-Host mode.

User workstation

Centralized administration

Network and security

Direct communications with the market’s main central sites:
• Central systems: IBM S/390, Bull DPS 7x, 8x, 9x.
• Departmental systems: IBM AS/400, UNIX, Bull DPS 6.

There are several security levels available, in two categories:
• Securing of exchanges between the client workstation and the WMA server, thanks to the identification of the client workstation and utilization of the HTTP protocol,
• Securing of exchanges between the client workstation and the central site to which it is connected, by means of the Winsurf
Security Server (WSS) gateway or the Telnet SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocols.


The WMA architecture is based on the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server. This client-server architecture ensures performance during load increases. The WMA Advanced option makes it possible to implement solutions with load distribution among several WMA servers and recovery following incidents. This solid architecture provides for setting up lightweight clients (Citrix Metaframe, Microsoft Terminal Server, etc.). The IIS web server is a product open to application integration with Active Server Pages (ASP). The WMA data can be stored in external SQL databases.

WMA JITR HTML Web-to-Host Communication

These emulation components run on an application server, with mainframe screens presented to the users in HTML mode.
WMA permits access to host system applications simply by using a browser: the green screens are automatically converted to HTML by the WMA server. This means that central systems are accessible to external or occasional users. All users can immediately use central information from their own PC, Mac, Linux or Unix workstation, or even from their palmtop computer running under Windows CE, without needing to download any software.

Specific prerequisites:

• Client workstation using «on the fly» HTML conversion.
• Any workstation with a browser that supports HTML 3.2

WMA Java Components Intégration Java

Winsurf Integration Development Integration Windows


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