All IT applications have to manage external data tables such as settings, error messages, stock prices etc.
Quotium’s SPITAB software was created to enable the management and modification of these relational tables. In the market since 1980, the software has been highly successful around the world. With experience gained across several hundred install-sites, the current version has seen great leaps in performance, reliability and function.
SPITAB Client-Server edition allows the management of mainframe tables via the client application interface under Windows, (the Spitab user interface or a program using the Spitab API).
SPITAB/WEB allows the consultation and update of Spitab tables from any web browser, (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc).
The DB2 version enables the user to take advantage of all the Spitab functions for managing DB2 tables without programming


SPITAB is a way to improve the productivity of research and maintenance, but also a way to increase the capacities of users during the life of the application. The leader in the relational database management market, Spitab is now found as a central core in applications at more than 400 installs across the world.

SPITAB DB2 is a flexible and user friendly tool for directly creating DB2 tables. This functionality allows the user to take advantage of this strategically important product within the continually advancing IBM system, and to give Spitab users
all the power of DB2 development.

Core Features

The Spitab relational database manager offers mainframe-style functions in both end-user and real time interfaces. The principal features include :

The DB2 version allows the user access to all the Spitab product features to manage DB2 site tables without any specific programming needed.

Optional Features

In addition to these core features, Spitab offers the following optional capacities:

The CICS option allows Spitab to change its tables in the functioning CICS memory in order to noticeably improve the performance of CICS applications that use them.

New Features

The most recent developments to the Spitab product line have targeted the core performance and user experience of the product, and through this that of third-party applications integrating the technology.

It is in this light that the Spitab/WEB project was conceived; attempting to allow users to consult and update their Spitab relational databases from any internet connected PC and connecting directly to the CICS.

The MVS backup of data tables allows sites that use MVS to noticeably improve their application performance by loading Spitab tables in a dedicated address-space and thus removing disk access lag times. This refers not only to CICS applications but also IMS and batch applications.

On the other hand, the online application help initiative allows CICS user applications (whether accessing Spitab tables or not), to provide an online help system to their users without any modification to their application. This effort notably allows user screens to be linked to documentation files, and fields in these screens to link to either documentation or lists of possible values.

Finally, Spitab Client-Server allows mainframes to centralize their data tables while at the same time managing client applications running on Microsoft Windows; Spitab provides both a user-designed form or web browser user interface. Users can also develop their own applications by using the Spitab client API.

Many various developments have expanded the utility and field of action of the Spitab product, such as:


Mainframe Management

SPITAB functions in the technical environments of large-scale IBM systems:

Client / Server

SPITAB Client-Server Edition takes advantage of the following software and protocols:

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