StorSentry is a suite of software products that provides large archive and backup users the ability to :


Continuous monitoring of all the tape archive infrastructure and actionable recommendations

StorSentry captures information directly at the tape media’s and drives’ lowest level. StorSentry collects and processes this information related to the quality and performance of read/write operations, and provides users with clear options to keep their assets in good health.

A real-time dashboard to anticipate degradations and identify the root cause of failures

Using quality thresholds according to media group, StorSentry generates recommendations and provides all of the information needed to identify degradations and pro-actively take action to avoid failures.
A complete operating history to ensure proper management of storage media capacity
StorSentry is not solely limited to preventing the loss of critical assets, thanks to its operation record history and its reporting system. StorSentry represents a comprehensive solution to manage the capacity evolution and usage of tape library systems.

A complete and regularly updated functional environment


StorSentry is a unique solution for the monitoring of digital assets in tape archives, with significant advantages:


StorSentry Verify and RepairAutomation of Archive Quality Processes

StorSentry Verify and Repair software provides automated policies to manage defective or poor quality tapes and drives and thus relieves users from these hardware management tasks.

StorSentry Verify and Repair software allows users to fully automate their archive quality management tasks such as :

Fully Integrated with HSM solutions

The StorSentry Verify and Repair software is fully integrated with leading HSM or backup products for an automated approach of hardware management tasks keeping consistency of metadata and synchronized processes. Currently supported : SAMFS / StorNext More coming soon.

Open solution for easy integration

No matters how complex is the media environment, users can create workflows and interface with multiple applications for a fully automated solution.

Scalable solution to meet the demand of heterogeneous customer needs,

From basic to advanced reporting, from regular inspections of suspected elements (tape or drives) to massive verification/migration processes , StorSentry Verify and Repair can scale to meet the performance needs of the most demanding applications.

Policy driven Verification & Repair

Can be immediate or with a user defined policy to take in account production constraints and avoid interference with production critical tasks.

Supported Environments

StorSentry Verify and Repair runs on the same server that the one that hosts the StorSentry Risk Assessment product. No additional hardware is needed. The software has a Web-based GUI that can be easily installed on a local plateform or on a remote location.

Business Results

With StorSentry Verify and Repair fully integrated with the Risk assessment main module, users have a complete solution to build self healing archives that can scale to very large capacities with efficient cost management.


Active Migration for digital content preservation

With digital content, preservation becomes a real challenge for two major reasons :

Technology obsolescence :

lifecycle of tape technologies is now 3-5 years, compatibility with previous generations is generally limited to last version, capacities per tape are almost doubling every 18 months, maintenance of old technologies are expensive (foot print is high and failure rate increases). But moving petabytes of data is not obvious, will takes months and can create major downtimes in production systems.

Format obsolescence :

Data formats in archives and backup systems are generally proprietary formats, as vendors

strategies change, or customer’s needs evolve, moving from one format to another is becoming a regular demand . Such migration is not part of the features provided by most of software, so users have to go through complex processes to update their format. If nothing is done over time the content of the archive is not usable anymore.

StorBee is a suite of software products and services that provides users the ability to preserve their content :

You are planning a technology refresh or a migration, you have issues with your preservation plans or just want to know more, contact us

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