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Category Archive: QTest

  1. Overview

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    QTest load test all Web and Mobile applications


    Accurate and comprehensive analysis of application production ensures better performance. Yet, due to the demands of Operational Departments and because of the technologies used, applications must often be implemented in very short lengths of time. They are, however, more and more complex as well as heterogeneous.

    QTest lets you ensure that the performance provided by your business applications will meet your quality of service commitments.

    QTest detects performance anomalies and gives you a diagnostics

    Easy to use, Qtest integrates into the entire application development and quality control cycle. Operating anomalies are identified and analyzed to allow for immediate correction. Any bottlenecks are eliminated.

    Qtest allows the testing of a range of project types, including those based on J2EE, .Net, SAP, Siebel, Webservices, as well as Web 2.0 projects using technologies such as Adobe Flash/Flex. Client/Server applications as well as Citrix-style remote display applications can similarly be stressed.

  2. Benefits

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    An enterprise solution, Qtest brings you the means to improve the performance of your critical applications thanks to:

    A business-based approach in conducting your performance tests:

    • Graphic viewing of business scenarios.
    • Rapid understanding of tests with validation of your application SLAs.
    • Monitoring the activity of every virtual user.

    Simple to use means a high capacity to simulate load:

    • Automatically detects the type of application.
    • Browses the script by storyboard.
    • Advanced assistants for parameter setting.
    • Simulates tens of thousands of users.

    Automatically detecting and analyzing anomalies:

    • Full hardware and software infrastructure monitoring thanks to a series of non-intrusive performance monitors.
    • A real-time analysis of entire metrics.
    • Breaks down response times for clients, network and servers.
    • Summarizes relevant metrics for operating systems, application servers, web servers and databases.

    Automatic report creation:

    • Produces sophisticated reports based on standard or customized models suited to your business needs.
    • Reports for monitoring your SLA quality of service commitments.
    • Reports for each user profile.
    • Compares execution results.

    Support for all environments:

    • Web Service, J2EE, .Net, ASP, CGI, Mainframe Portal, Web 2.0 such as Adobe Flash/Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, Html/Ajax, Microsoft Sharepoint
    • With the Winload module, Qtest allows you to extend your load tests to all Windows client/server and ERP applications especially SAP Major Clients, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Citrix
    • Thanks to its QNI module, Qtest can adapt to specific environments.
  3. Environments

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    Technologies supported

    RIA, AJAX, Air&Flex, Silverlight, Sharepoint, JSON
    DotNet, J2EE, PHP, ASP, Webservices, SOAP
    Siebel Web, SAP Web, Oracle e-business, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, HRAccess, Hyperion
    Citrix, TSE, Client-Server, TCP


    OS : Windows, Unix, Linux, VMWare ESX
    Serveur Web : IIS, Apache
    Application Servers : .Net, JBoss, Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, OracleAS
    Databases : Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Informix, PostgreSQL, DB2

  4. Windows Robot

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    Performance & Load Testing Thick Client Applications

    Windows Robot module let you create, modify and validate automation of windows user’s actions in a Windows session. Windows Robot (WR) Scripts can be incorporated into jobs.

    Windows Robot Scripts represent the recording of windows user’s actions. The recording process interfaces directly with the Quotium Script Editor and generates Visual Basic .Net language scripts. It gives you full control over their content and behavior.

    Windows Robot provides a comprehensive set of objects and methods that let you :

    • Simulate mouse and keyboard user interaction
    • Fill input data
    • Control application response through windows content interpretation and desktop
    • layout with image search capabilities

    These scripts can be enhanced with most of VB .Net features. Recording and playing are through Remote Desktop sessions. Using Windows Robot need TSE functions on Windows servers.