Security and optimization of your digital archives

With the exponential growth in data volume, the ability of data centers to safeguard, protect and make information accessible has become a major issue for businesses and organizations. The StorSentry solution addresses the issues of durability and availability of data stored on magnetic tape.


StorSentry allows you to anticipate hardware and software infrastructure malfunction problems. A dashboard identifies errors in real time and alarms are triggered according to defined thresholds.
Recommendations for action are generated based on the defined risk management policy. Customized reporting provides continuous monitoring of the systems in place.
The operating history of the storage units obtained provides essential information for good infrastructure capacity management.

Continuous monitoring of the entire tape storage infrastructure

StorSentry collects information about the media, the read/write equipment and the flows. StorSentry collects and processes information about the quality and performance of the read or write operation, directly available in the tape drive.

A real time dashboard to anticipate malfunctions and identify errors

Based on predefined thresholds, StorSentry triggers alarms and provides all the necessary information to identify and correct potential or proven errors.

A data history for a good capacity management of the storage means

The use of StorSentry is not limited to identifying defective materials. Thanks to the historicization of operating data and its reporting, StorSentry is also a complete capacity management solution for tape storage media.

A complete and regularly updated operating environment:

  • Environments : Windows, Linux, HPUX, IBM Aix, Sun Solaris, IBM MVS, Bull CGOS…
  • Applications: TSM, Netbackup, Legato, SAM-FS, HPSS, DIVA, StorNext…
  • Virtualization solutions: Falconstor, Fujitsu Siemens, SUN, IBM…
  • Hardware and support: Sun, IBM, HP, EMC, Quantum, Imation, Overland, SGI, HDS, Tandberg…