QTEST is an enterprise-class load testing tool with end-to-end performance anomaly diagnostic. You can record and replay rich internet applications using a variety of Web 2.0 technologies thereby developing complicated load testing scenarios easily.

Qtest allows the testing of a range of project types, including those based on J2EE, .Net, SAP, Siebel, Webservices, as well as Web 2.0 projects using technologies such as Adobe Flash/ Flex. Client/Server applications as well as Citrix-style remote display applications can similarly be stressed

APPLIMANAGER tracks the application from end-to-end and follows the totality of its operations at both the hardware and the software level. Thanks to its open architecture, AppliManager can operates autonomously or through a connection to third-party infrastructure administration software such as Tivoli, HP Openview, BMC Patrol, Nagios, etc, and also helpdesk tools and incident management tools. AppliManager feeds essential and pertinent information on the operation of business-critical applications into your Information System governance dashboards

STORSENTRY is a real time, pro-active monitoring solution that allows administrators to anticipate problems in digital archives affecting hardware and software infrastructure. A real-time dashboard identifies errors; alarms are triggered in line with preset thresholds. Action recommendations are generated in line with the risk management policy defined. Customized reporting provides ongoing monitoring for the systems implemented. Using its powerful algorithms, StorSentry pro-actively generates clear recommendations based on the risk policies defined by users, allowing users to quickly fix issues and avoid downtime.

SPITAB Client-Server edition allows the management of mainframe tables via the client application interface under Windows or a web browser. In the market since 1980, the software has been highly successful around the world. With experience gained across several hundred install-sites, the current version has seen great leaps in performance, reliability and function.

Information analysis, Semantic search

The Spirit platform allows users easy access to information sources via natural language semantic search technologies. Spirit works as the base layer of information management for corporate Intranets, extranets, Document Managment Systems, Competitive Intelligence and foresight systems, Knowledgebases, collaborative workflows, and e-business functions which aim to share knowledge across an organization.

Communication Web-to-Host

WMA emulation software runs on the user workstation for connection to mainframes in Web-to-Host mode.

WMA permits access to host system applications simply by using a browser: the green screens are automatically converted to HTML by the WMA server. This means that central systems are accessible to external or occasional users. All users can immediately use central information from their own PC, Mac, Linux or Unix workstation, or even from their palmtop computer running under Windows CE, without needing to download any software.

Communication PC-to-Host

Wincom emulation software runs on the user workstation for connection to mainframes in PC-to-Host mode. Wincom provides uniform emulation of terminals, comprising all emulation functions: screen, printer, file transfer, macro language and integrate perfectly with office automation workstations and Microsoft Office applications

Agile Application Security testing

Quotium pioneered IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing) technology in 2011 by engineering a new application security software SEEKER.

SEEKER is unique in tying vulnerable code and business impact and exploitation. It provides a clear explanation of the business risk, a technical description which pinpoints the vulnerable lines of code and provides relevant, context-based remediation instructions. With unmatched accuracy, Seeker eliminates false positives and identifies vulnerabilities which pose a real business threat.

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS) has completed its acquisition of the Seeker® profuct technology in July 2015.