Making Business Applications Secure and Robust

Security in Agile Development
Code and data security automated as part of your existing process
Developers & Security, Bridging the gapSecurity that speaks the language of your developers
Protecting Data from Application Attacks
Ensuring sensitive data is handled securely throughout applications

Interactive Application Security Testing

Gartner Cool Vendor Gartner 2013  Application Security Testing Magic  Quadrant

Organizations are moving to Agile development, continuous integration, and automation to keep up with growing user demands. With all business conducted online, web applications are top targets for hackers. To stop attackers under these conditions, application security must also be agile, continuous, automated. We came up with IAST - Interactive Application Security Testing - to secure applications where traditional approaches fail. Leveraging IAST for run-time code & data analysis we deliver application security which is better, faster, accurate, best suited for current needs. Seeker is the only fully automated Agile, Continuous, DevOps-ready solution that beats modern day threats. Seeker protects business data from application attacks.

Quotium Named a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant

"Quotium's Seeker is the most broadly adopted IAST technologies in the IAST market. Quotium should be considered by security and application development professionals who are seeking a way to embed AST into the SDLC with a tool that provides efficient and effective vulnerability detection, and that is reasonably easy to adopt"

Security Testing in Agile Development

Did You Pack it Yourself: Injecting Backdoors Through Software Delivery

We all trust pretty much the same software to write code and push it from dev to production... Trust is a beautiful thing... what could possibly go wrong?

WEBCAST - Securing .Net Applications with Agility, Automation & DevOps through example with .Net & TFS!

In this webcast, we will take an overview of Agile and more importantly the process at the center of it that powers development of Agile Software. We’ll see an effective way to deal with the challenge to integrate security in that process and how we can turn that into an opportunity. !
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