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« With increased accuracy, Seeker determines whether a vulnerability is exploitable and where in the code it is located, without the need to access to source code to conduct its analysis… The only existing alternative to this technology is manual penetration testing – a highly expensive and nonscalable approach »Joseph Feiman, GARTNER


Seeker dynamically analyzes the source code as it runs line by line and the interaction of the code with data across all the application. The result is the identification of critical and complex vulnerabilities and logical flaws not detectable with any other technology.
Seeker is unique in tying vulnerable code to business impact and exploitation, providing a clear explanation of the risk. With unmatched accuracy Seeker eliminates false positive and identifies vulnerabilities which pose a real threat to business.


Seeker ranks vulnerabilities by their impact and provides developers only with relevant results. Seeker provides a technical description which pinpoints the vulnerable lines of code and provides relevant, context-based remediation instructions. In addition, Seeker’s visual approach makes it easier to understand the problem and the risk, and includes videos demonstrating the actual attack on the tested application.


Seeker does not require any manpower overhead, and can be used without any knowledge of security or advanced technical skills. Seeker brings simplicity into the SDLC, delivers immediate results and can be fully integrated in any development methodology, without any modifications to code, organization or process.
With accuracy, clarity and simplicity, Seeker solution maximizes the return on investment to secure applications.

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