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Seeker® - Agile Software Security

« With increased accuracy, Seeker determines whether a vulnerability is exploitable and where in the code it is located, without the need to access to source code to conduct its analysis… The only existing alternative to this technology is manual penetration testing – a highly expensive and nonscalable approach »Joseph Feiman, GARTNER

Quotium’s Seeker is the Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution which enables organizations to produce secure software efficiently.

It provides very high accuracy in vulnerability detection during the software building and testing process. Seeker uses a unique approach, analyzing code and data flows in runtime to better understand vulnerability context.

Seeker ties vulnerable code to business impact and exploitation, providing a clear explanation of risks. Seeker completely eliminates false positives. This approach makes it possible to confirm or disprove the exploitability and criticality of detected vulnerabilities with no need for human intervention.

Seeker gives a clear view of the security state of applications according to compliance criteria and provides everything needed to secure code and improve security awareness.

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