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Quotium named as a leader in Application Security by Independent research firm

Report cite Quotium innovative instrumented assessment as a unique approach to application security and position the company as a leader of the application security market

Quotium – the Agile Software Security provider – announced today that the company was named as part of the Leaders in the latest Forrester Research evaluation of application security testing providers. The report, “The Forrester Wave™: Application Security, Q4 2014” identifies the “most significant vendors in the market that security and risk professionals can turn to for solving their application security testing challenges.

Forrester Research, Inc rated the providers based on specific criteria within their current offerings, strategies and market presence. The report offers a comprehensive assessment of each vendor for security and risk professionals in a growing application threat landscape :

Forrester waves

To get the complete report, you can contact Forrester Research, here

Hacking and data breaches stories follow each other on the first pages of newspapers. Many companies rushed to develop their online and mobile presence to keep up with customer and market demand without always thinking about security.

The rise of Agile and Devops methodologies, help frequent features releases. A growing number of customer data are managed through several application tiers, Off-the-shelf customized with open source components and in-house development. Software release speed, lack of security expertise and different focus make application security assessments difficult .

Quotium’s patented runtime technology ensure that each code released in production under the pressure of business is systematically secured.

Seeker provide application security integrated seamlessly in the application lifecycle. Transparent security for non-experts who have a tight planning to keep. In details, the tool :


    _  Conducts runtime analysis of both code and data accross applications tiers, to better understand vulnerabilities in their context


    _  Verifies findings – automatically and without human intervention – by exploiting them (no false positives)


    _  Ties vulnerable code to business impacts, providing a clear explanation of risks to ease stakeholders decision


    _  Gives developers everything needed to correct their code, remediation’s delivered directly in developers’ preferred ticketing systems


    _  Monitor corporate security and compliance posture: Application and projects are constantly assessed according to compliance standards, corporate security and compliance dashboards are provided for CISO’s reporting.

According to Forrester detailed analysis, Quotium “is an ideal product for enterprises looking for simultaneous testing across a multitude of users and servers, with a centralized repository in various test environments” (1)

Seeker was designed from the ground up to provide powerful and accurate security, delivering the speed and scale enterprises require to reduce risks across web and mobile applications.“,”After been named as a Visionary in last Gartner report for Application Security Testing, we are proud that Forrester has recognized Quotium as part of the leaders of the application security market” says Michel Tiberini CEO.


Agile development needs agile security. Quotium provides automated technologies to help businesses protect data and reduce application security risks. For organizations that are looking for a way to embed application security testing in their software lifecycle, our expertise and offerings provide efficient and effective vulnerability detection in an easy to use solution.

For more information, visit www.quotium.com and follow us on Twitter @Quotium

(1) Forrester Research, Inc. “The Forrester Wave: Application Security, Q4 2014” by Tyler Shields, Stephanie Balaouras, Jennie Duong 23 December 2014.