Load Testing, Detection and Analysis of Performance Issues


An enterprise solution, Qtest brings you the means to improve the performance of your critical applications thanks to:

A business-based approach in conducting your performance tests:

  • Graphic viewing of business scenarios.
  • Rapid understanding of tests with validation of your application SLAs.
  • Monitoring the activity of every virtual user.

Simple to use means a high capacity to simulate load:

  • Automatically detects the type of application.
  • Browses the script by storyboard.
  • Advanced assistants for parameter setting.
  • Simulates tens of thousands of users.

Automatically detecting and analyzing anomalies:

  • Full hardware and software infrastructure monitoring thanks to a series of non-intrusive performance monitors.
  • A real-time analysis of entire metrics.
  • Breaks down response times for clients, network and servers.
  • Summarizes relevant metrics for operating systems, application servers, web servers and databases.

Automatic report creation:

  • Produces sophisticated reports based on standard or customized models suited to your business needs.
  • Reports for monitoring your SLA quality of service commitments.
  • Reports for each user profile.
  • Compares execution results.

Support for all environments:

  • Web Service, J2EE, .Net, ASP, CGI, Mainframe Portal, Web 2.0 such as Adobe Flash/Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, Html/Ajax, Microsoft Sharepoint
  • With the Winload module, Qtest allows you to extend your load tests to all Windows client/server and ERP applications especially SAP Major Clients, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Citrix
  • Thanks to its QNI module, Qtest can adapt to specific environments.

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