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QTest Windows Robot – performance of Terminal Server and Citrix infrastructures

QTest Windows Robot (WR) enables organisations to understand the performance of their thick client / desktop applications deployed via Terminal Server or Citrix infrastructures. It enables IT to evaluate how many users can use the system at one time, how many transactions the system can handle while under realistic load and how quickly the application will respond to its users and therefore how suitable the applications performance is to the organisation’s needs.

QTest WR is the latest capability to be added to QTest. While QTest is already one of the best quality performance testing tools on the market, QTest WR enables performance testers and quality assurance professionals to record and capture end user actions on desktop thick client, RDP , Citrix based applications replay then en-masse to simulate realistic load scenarios.

Thick client Performance testing

Performance testing like this is quite different to web performance testing which works on the protocol layer of the application, essentially emulating traffic that will come from a browser, smart client or mobile app. QTest natively works like this for web applications and has the capability to manage all the complexities that arise when testing at the HTTP level, such as session management, parameterisation and correlation etc. However to test thick client applications at the protocol level can be far more complex, furthermore there are more considerations to account for when testing thick client remote desktop and Citrix hosted applications that would not be covered by emulating traffic from those clients alone. Unlike the web model where one user has one browser on their machine or device, one RDP or Citrix server will have multiple instances of client applications running on it, so client performance suddenly becomes an issue.

Of course to make these scenarios realistic each user must have its own personality so each user session must have the ability to deviate from exactly what was seen during the recording process. For this case the QTest WR script can be data driven and can be customised to include conditional logic. The QTestWR script is automatically produced in the recording session by listening to GUI actions that the real user takes. Any professional performance tester will tell you that simple record playback is not enough, the script must be customisable. This is why our scripting language is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) so that instantly most IT / QA Testers will be able to work with it.

Benefit of QTest Windows Robot

QTest WR capitalises on all the benefits that come with QTest such as broad monitoring, automatic anomaly detection, automatic and customisable reporting, a robust framework to support distributed load generation across LAN’s or WAN’s and the ability to view performance in real time as the test is running. QTest WR uses robots to simulate real user load against applications as real users would and having the real client of the application under test to generate load, rather than emulating it. It uses recorded sequences of mouse clicks and keystrokes while checking responses from the application to evaluate how quickly the application is responding and that it is responding correctly.

An Example

An example of QTestWR Terminal Server & Citrix Performance Testing solution – VIDEO : Recording and Playing Back a Script


Download the datasheet Citrix Performance with QTest WindowsRobot

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