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Seeker 2.6 introduces an innovative Vulnerability Impact Business Intelligence Engine

Seeker’s new business intelligence engine evaluates the business impact of security flaws based on their interaction with other vulnerabilities in the system
Quotium – an innovative application security company – announces today the release of Seeker® 2.6.


Seeker® is the new generation of application security testing solution for accurate detection and evaluation of vulnerabilities and associated business risk in applications. Seeker 2.6 identifies actual threats to business applications by analyzing the application run-time code and data flow and correlates that with simulated hacker’s attacks on the application.


Seeker 2.6 introduces the revolutionary Vulnerabilities Impact Business Intelligence Engine which evaluates the impact of security flaws based on their interaction with other vulnerabilities in the system.

“In the age of Advanced Persistent Threats it is not sufficient to analyze vulnerabilities separately. Each vulnerability must be viewed as part of a larger threat context, as it would be by an attacker targeting the application” explains Ofer Maor, CTO of Quotium.

With its Vulnerability Impact BI Engine, Seeker works just like a hacker would. It does not just identify individual vulnerabilities, it creates threat maps that involve combinations of vulnerabilities which could be of low risk when found separately, but become critical when exploited together with another vulnerability by a skilled attacker. This allows Seeker to identify real business threats to the application, and transform the impact information of individual vulnerabilities into detailed risk analysis this vulnerabilities together pose to business critical data.

The result is a clear map of the actual business threats to the application with context based remediation instructions, allowing organizations to secure their applications to the highest level along their development.

Quotium will attend OWASP AppSec USA on November 18 – 21 2013
About Quotium

Quotium Technologiesis a specialist in the development of innovative software solutions to guarantee the security and performance of business critical applications throughout their lifecycle. Quotium is an Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) pioneer with its application security testing software Seeker.
Seeker’s technology increases the accuracy of application testing by combining the detection of potential vulnerabilities with verification through real-time exploit attempts. With accuracy, clarity and simplicity, Seeker solution delivers immediate results, do not require any manpower overhead and integrates seamlessly in any existing processes.

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