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Quotium Technologies announces a new version of its leading SEEKER® application security solution, allowing security testing of PHP applications

Paris, France. 21st of September 2012 – Quotium Technologies, an innovator in the application security and performance markets, announces today a new release of its leading application security solution: SEEKER®. In addition to its unmatched capacity to accurately and quickly detect the most prevalent and most pertinent vulnerabilities within Java and .NET applications, SEEKER is now capable of analyzing vulnerabilities within PHP applications. Its great ease of use for all stakeholders of the web and mobile application development lifecycle, allows for a seamless integration into every enterprise’s business software development process, turning it into a truly secured software factory.
“A security bug shouldn’t be treated differently from a functional bug.” said Michel Tiberini, Quotium President. “With this new version of Seeker, any project manager can integrate the identification and correction of security vulnerabilities within its web applications directly into the enterprise’s development lifecycle. Security becomes the part of every developer’s daily job.”

“Thanks to its underlying IAST technology (Interactive Application Security Testing), this new version of Seeker allows for accurate detection of vulnerabilities while eliminating false positives for all Java, .NET, and PHP applications.” noted Ofer Maor, CTO of Quotium and Chairman of OWASP Israel, “Seeker is today the only automated real alternative to manual penetration testing for protecting applications and data against attacks.”

“Analysis of dynamic programming languages, such as PHP is a challenge for existing security technologies”, pointed out Joseph Feiman from Gartner, “IAST technology offers a potential for higher-accuracy vulnerability analysis.”

About Seeker®

Seeker is an innovative solution developed to pinpoint security flaws from the very beginning of the application development cycle. Entirely automated, the process requires no security expertise for its operation. This solution has been recognized as a major innovation in the security field, most notably by a leading analyst firm and at the 2011 RSA conference in the US.

About Quotium

Quotium Technologies is a European software vendor, headquartered in Paris La Défense, with subsidiaries in London, New York and Tel Aviv. Quotium is an expert in the management of business applications in terms of Security, Performance and Availability. Quotium’s products answer the needs of enterprise customers, with over 200 active references (including 15 from the CAC-40). The company is strongly oriented towards innovation with 50% of its staffing allocated to R&D.

More about Quotium: http://www.quotium.com/