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Version one Version One is a leading agile development management software provider. Quotium Seeker has the ability to open defects directly in Version One based on the findings from a test.  In an agile environment, it is important to be able to manage the different aspects of the project from one central location. The ability to integrate the vulnerabilities found by Seeker with the application life cycle reduces the learning curve and miscommunication between the development and DevOps teams. This allows the process of security integration to be streamlined with the minimum of friction and costs.
 F5 partner Quotium and F5® together are protecting websites against external attacks starting from the earliest development phases to the final production of an application, throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The protection of websites entails the detection of vulnerabilities and the prevention of their exploitation during the production phase when the application is exposed to the outside world. Quotium’s Seeker together with F5’s BIG-IP® ASM™ protection provide the best security on the market today. HowTo : F5-ASM Quotium-Seeker Integration
 Amazon web services partner With Seeker being adapted for use in AWS environments, Quotium Customers who use AWS can now deploy, integrate and automate security testing into their environments quickly and easily.




selenium security integration Selenium is a web browser automation tool that is commonly used for web application regression testing. Combining the power of Selenium web automation with Seeker security testing provides extensive coverage of automatic code security testing. Seeker observes the user journeys and scenarios executed by Selenium and uses these to launch security tests against the tested application.
Jenkin security integration Jenkins is a server based continuous integration system. Seeker integrates with Jenkins, providing an easy way to perform code security tests as part of continuous testing and regression testing. This integration ensures ongoing security testing as part of agile development.
Jira security integration Atlassian Jira is a widely adopted issue tracking system. Seeker integrates with Jira to allow development teams to address security problems identified by Seeker as bugs in the code. This allows security to be integrated into development and testing cycles and addressed as a natural part of the development process.


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