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About Us

Quotium (NYSE Euronext: QTE) was founded in 2005. Quotium envisioned the future of the internet as the largest business platform for all organizations and set on a mission to make the on-line business secure and robust. Today, Web-driven applications and on-line transactions are at the heart of activities of all enterprises. Security, availability and performance of web environments are vital factors for the global economy.

Quotium brings innovation and quality in software solutions that secure, monitor and improve performance of web applications. In 2011 Quotium pioneered run time code & data analysis technology to detect and mitigate technical and logical vulnerabilities in code. The application security testing software Seeker revolutionized the way web applications are being secured.

Founded and managed by experienced business people and recognized industry leaders Quotium is dedicated to providing quality in software, customer service and support. Quotium considers that the best return of investment in the acquisition of a software solution is directly linked to the quality of the solution.

Our software solutions

SEEKER is unique in tying vulnerable code and business impact and exploitation. It provides a clear explanation of the business risk, a technical description which pinpoints the vulnerable lines of code and provides relevant, context-based remediation instructions. With unmatched accuracy, Seeker eliminates false positives and identifies vulnerabilities which pose a real business threat.

QTEST allows load testing and performance diagnostic of a wide range of applications, including those based on J2EE, .Net, SAP, Siebel, Web services, as well as Web 2.0 using technologies such as Adobe Flash/Flex. It can also test client/server applications and/or thick clients and citrix-style remote display applications.

AGILELOADĀ is a new flexible way to test the performance of web and mobile application. Performance test scenarios can be built, customized and tested without paying any fee. You pay on-demand for large test runs for the load and timeframe you decide.

APPLIMANAGER directly measures the user’s experience, provides this information in real-time and produces an application operating history. AppliManager pro-actively identifies incidents before they affect the quality of service.